​Top Reasons to Buy Pedal Cars for Your Kids

17th Nov 2015

In today’s fast placed, technologically driven world it seems like kids are constantly bombarded with tablets, smartphones and other computer devices that promote a largely sedentary lifestyle. Gon … read more

​Hong Kong Charity Pedal Car Grand Prix 2015

12th Nov 2015

For over 25 years Hong Kong has hosted a Pedal Car Grand Prix as a local fundraiser. The event features teams from some of Hong Kong’s largest Universities, companies, Schools and local clubs … read more

​How to Box and Ship Your Pedal Car

10th Nov 2015

If you have a pedal car that you’re looking to sell on Ebay or you’re looking to ship it to someone like for repair you may have run into issues when packaging your pedal car. … read more

​How Do I Sell My Pedal Car?

20th Oct 2015

Do you have a pedal car that’s gathering dust in your garage or shop and are thinking about selling it? You may have even tried to use Craigslist or other online marketplaces, without much … read more