Should I Restore My Pedal Car?

13th Oct 2015

Since 1992 we’ve been manufacturing  pedal car parts to help people restore their  old pedal cars. In this time we’ve gotten quite a few calls asking us whether or not it makes sen … read more

​How To Change A Pedal Car Tire

1st Sep 2015

One of our most commonly ordered items are pedal car tires. This is often because many of the pedal car restorations our customers are working on feature old and worn out tires that need to be … read more

​Things To Keep In Mind When Ordering Pedal Car Wheels

31st Aug 2015

First, you may not need a new wheel. A pedal car wheel is an assembly of three parts, a wheel, a tire, and a hubcap. Determining If You Need a Wheel, Tire or Hubcap If the wheel is in good … read more

Tips to Identify the Type of Pedal Car You Own

17th Aug 2015

When the phone rings at the caller is often asking for a specific part for their pedal car. While this may seem like a simple phone conversation, it can actually become quite diffi … read more