​Pedalcar.com To Start Selling Wood Kits for DIY Pedal Car Building

4th Nov 2015

While we’ve experimented with selling pedal car body kits made out of wood with some success, we’re excited to announce that we’ve completely redesigned both our chassis kits and our wood body kits to make them much easier for our customers to use.

Our updated pedal car chassis has a longer wheel base and much simpler wood kit which we think will be a big hit with our customers.

Working On A Wood Materials Kit

In the past we sold wood kits and then we stopped and allowed customers to purchase our pedal car chassis and then buy their own wood to make the body. While some customers loved this idea, many of our customers wanted a little more direction when it came to the body of their pedal car.

To meet this demand Pedalcar.com has recently began plans to create a wood materials kit with everything you need to create your own wooden pedal car. We’re currently exploring a variety of different design possibilities and hope to have a final design ready within the next few weeks.

This wood kit will have everything available for you to create your own pedal car, and we’re hoping to be able to have the chassis parts actually drawn on the wood for easy cutting or if we can work it out with our supplier – actually have the pieces of wood pre-cut making for an extremely easy pedal car assembly.

What Do You Think Of This Idea?

At Pedalcar.com we’re constantly looking for feedback from our customers about some of our new ideas. We’d love to hear from you about whether you would be interested in one of our DIY wooden pedal cars.

For more information about our wooden pedal car kits or if you simply need replacement pedal car parts don’t hesitate to give us a call at (248) 853-0215 or send us an email to info@pedalcar.com. We look forward to hearing from you soon.