This is where we list items of interest such as museums, swap meets, collections, and pictures that we think that you will find to be worth your time.  We hope that if you have some resources to add, you will send them to us at so that we can include the information here.

Ye Ole Carriage Shop:  Just West of Jackson in Spring Harbor, Michigan, there is an outstanding museum with gorgeous original and restored cars, collectables and an entire room of pedal cars.  To arrange a visit, contact Lloyd Ganton, 517-750-4300.




Gilmore Car Museum: This amazing museum is in Hickory Corners, Michigan, near Kalamazoo.  In addition to the beautiful cars, they have one building just for pedal cars. 269-671-5089



Smokey Mountain Pedal Car Show, Pigeon Forge, TN: Located in the hills of Tennessee, the Smokey Mountain Pedal car Show is one of the best in the Midwest!  Located at a hotel & waterpark it's sure to be fun for the whole family.   May 8th-11th, 2019!



Houston Children's Museum:  This jaw-dropping display in Houston, TX is a real spectacle.  The amount of colors and detail in this entire setting is very much a homage to the historic nature of these pedal cars.  Sharing the wealth of knowledge with the children!



The General: This project done by a NJ man named Dan Hyrhorcoff took his retirement time and created this epic street legal pedal car.  The body is fiberglass sitting on a steel chassis.  The doner car was originally a 96 Ranger!  Such incredible work and drive to finish this unique piece.



DFW Elite Toy Museum: This Museum in Haltorn, TX has some of the most unique items we've ever seen.  From miniatures to full size, these guys have the cars you'll be impressed to see.  



 Seiverling Museum:  Located in Ephrata, PA, this smaller sized museum is jam packed with history!  Starting in around 1991, the owners at one time had roughly 162 pedal cars at its peak.  Good people who just love to share the collection they have gathered.



Elmer's Auto & Toy Museum: Out in Fountain City, WI, this charming family owned museum is really 5 museums in one!  The amount of unique pieces here is really breathtaking and you can easily spend hours wondering around seeing something new each time.  









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