​How to Box and Ship Your Pedal Car

9th Nov 2015

If you have a pedal car that you’re looking to sell on Ebay or you’re looking to ship it to someone like PedalCar.com for repair you may have run into issues when packaging your pedal car. If you simply bring your pedal car to a FedEx or UPS store to be boxed up you can be sure that you’ll have to pay a large amount of money for your pedal car to be shipped.

At PedalCar.com we have quite a bit of experience shipping pedal cars and pedal car parts and therefore have had to learn how best to ship these items, which are often very awkward in size. After receiving the question of how to best ship a pedal car over and over again at our offices we decided to put together a guide that you can hopefully use to efficiently and inexpensively ship your pedal car.

Process for Shipping a Pedal Car

Find an appropriate sized box

If you go to a shipping supply store to ship your pedal car you’ll likely have to purchase a very expensive box to be used to house your pedal car. In our years of shipping pedal cars we’ve actually found that wardrobe boxes make some of the best boxes to ship pedal cars. You can pick these boxes up inexpensively from your local temporary storage facility.

Place some Styrofoam or paper in the bottom of the box

To add extra protection it’s best to place some Styrofoam or paper inside the box prior to loading your pedal car.

Place the pedal car inside the box

Simply set the pedal car inside the box and then add some additional padding in the form of Styrofoam or other paper to prevent the pedal car from moving during transit.

Fold over box and tape secure

Fold over the box and tape it securely and transport it to your local UPS or FedEx facility for shipment.

Still Have Questions About Shipping Your Pedal Car?

If you still have questions about shipping your pedal car don’t hesitate to contact our team today at (248) 853-0215. We’ve been designing and building pedal cars for decades and can give you some advice to ensure your pedal car arrives at its destination unharmed. At PedalCar.com we also offer a large selection of pedal car parts if you’re looking to repair your pedal car.