​How Do I Sell My Pedal Car?

20th Oct 2015

Do you have a pedal car that’s gathering dust in your garage or shop and are thinking about selling it? You may have even tried to use Craigslist or other online marketplaces, without much success. Well at PedalCar.com we hope we can change that by offering a way to connect pedal car buyers with sellers who are looking to beef up their pedal car collections. We also sell pedal car parts for repairing your classic pedal cars.

Difficulty of Independently Selling Pedal Cars

If you’ve spent any time attempting to sell pedal cars you have likely found that the market is relatively small. There are indeed a small amount of people who have an incredible interest in all things related to pedal cars, but finding this audience is difficult. Aside from finding the target market, pedal cars are also difficult and expensive to ship by UPS or Fedex.

At PedalCar.com we’ve been a fixture in the pedal car industry for decades. We receive calls from people all the time with questions about selling their pedal cars or individuals wanting to buy old pedal cars that may have been restored. After continuing to receive these calls over the past few years we thought it would be a good idea to create an online forum for individuals looking to post information about pedal cars for sale.

How Will This Process Work?

We’re still trying to gauge interest from our customers, but we’re thinking that we will have an area on our website dedicated to used pedal cars for sale. This area will allow buyers and sellers to browse pedal car pictures, location, shipping information and other important details.

Aside from listing customer pedal cars for sale, we’re also going to list some of our own used pedal cars that have been restored as well as freight damaged pedal cars, factory seconds and much more.

Does This Sound Interesting to You?

We’re interested in hearing what you have to say about our team creating an online marketplace to buy and sell used pedal cars. If this is something that interests you or if you have a pedal car that you’re looking to sell feel free to drop us a line today by email at info@pedalcar.com or by phone at (248) 853-0215.