​Hong Kong Charity Pedal Car Grand Prix 2015

12th Nov 2015

For over 25 years Hong Kong has hosted a Pedal Car Grand Prix as a local fundraiser. The event features teams from some of Hong Kong’s largest Universities, companies, Schools and local clubs who all compete in a 24 hour Le Mans style endurance race in custom built human powered pedal cars. This year’s pedal car race is set to take place on the weekend of November 13-15 th 2015.

Team Members Take This Race Seriously

When you think of most pedal cars you think of simple designs of yesteryear. In Hong Kong this is not the case. Team members spend significant money and time building state of the art cars to ensure victory. Many of the teams are sponsored by large corporations who spare no expense in their quest to be crowned the winner of this charity event. Some of the technologies used in the manufacturing of these pedal cars include wind tunnel testing and even carbon fiber bodies.

Details of the Event

This years event will take place during the weekend of November 13-15th. The track will be setup downtown, where each team will have between 4-6 drivers. Each driver will run for 20-30 minutes and then pull into the pit area to change drivers. This process will continue for 24 straight hours, all done to raise money for wonderful charities.

Team Members Encouraged to Get Creative With Pedal Car Designs

Teams are encouraged to think outside of the box when it comes to their pedal car designs. Each year there is always several teams who are solely focused on designing and building the absolute fastest pedal car, while other teams are more focused on being humorous. Past entrants have created pedal cars that resemble animals such as an elephant with 4 legs that was connected with linkage that as the car was peddled actually made the legs of the elephant move back and forth.

If you’re a big fan of pedal cars and ever happen to be in Hong Kong during the 24 hour pedal car Grand Prix you owe it to yourself to check it out. At PedalCar.com we’ve had the opportunity to see this event in person and really enjoyed seeing the creativity put into these pedal cars for such a good cause.

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