​Things To Keep In Mind When Ordering Pedal Car Wheels

31st Aug 2015

First, you may not need a new wheel. A pedal car wheel is an assembly of three parts, a wheel, a tire, and a hubcap.

Determining If You Need a Wheel, Tire or Hubcap

If the wheel is in good shape, and the tire is worn out, you can replace just the tire. In that case, see our blog regarding replacing tires.

If the car is still ridden with a worn out tire, eventually the wheel will be ruined. In that case you will need to replace the wheel and the tire.

Pedal Cars Have Only One Drive Wheel

Because pedal cars do not have a differential, like an automobile, they only drive with one rear wheel. It is the wheel that is connected to the rear axle, and is known as a drive wheel. The other rear wheel, and the two front wheels, spin freely on their axles, and are known as free wheels.

To determine which rear wheel is the drive wheel, turn your car over and slowly turn each rear wheel. One of them will have a connection to the rear axle, that is the drive wheel. If you are replacing all four wheels, you will need three free wheels, and one drive wheel. If you are replacing some, but not all of them, you will need to know if one of the wheels you want to replace is a drive wheel.

The wheel on the left is a drive wheel and the wheel on the right is a free wheel.

The wheel on the left is a drive wheel and the wheel on the right is a free wheel.

The method for connecting the drive wheel to the rear axle varies depending on the manufacturer, so when ordering a drive wheel, we will need to know the make and model of the pedal car. If you don’t know this, give us a call and we can help.

Interested in More Information?

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