Pedal Car tires are made in different sizes and styles. Here’s what you need to know in order to get the right tires for your Pedal Car. 
1. The Size
Pedal Cars have been made with wheel sizes less than 6 inches in diameter, to more than 12 inches in diameter. Most postwar Pedal Cars use wheels that are 6 ½ or 7 ½ inches. This dimension refers to the wheel diameter, not including the tire. Other sizes can be made to suit. Just give us a call: 248-853-0215
Here are pictures of two common sized wheels that are used on pedal cars.
                                                                img-6172.jpg   img-6173.jpg                    
There are two common sized wheels (not including the tire itself) that are used on many pedal cars, 6 1/2"dia & 7 1/2"dia.
 2. The type of tire
Many Pedal Cars made before WWII had tires that had a wire inside of them. The wire was crimped in such a way, that it held the tire onto the wheel. We do not offer that type of tire, but a one-piece molded tire is a suitable replacement. If you want to replace a tire that has a wire inside, you will need to un-crimp or cut the wire to remove the old tire. You can then replace it with a one-piece molded tire.
Most post war Pedal Cars use one-piece molded tires.
3. The style of the tire
We stock tires with a flat style, like a car tire and also, in a round cross section, like a motorcycle tire . Which style to use is a matter of personal preference.
                                                                                 Flat Tread                            Round Tread
4. Installing tires
Tires need to be a tight fit on the rim, so you might find it difficult to stretch them onto the rim. If you do, it may be easier if you warm the tire to soften the rubber. You can warm up your tires in hot tap water for a few minutes (my preferred method), a microwave for a minute or two, or an oven at 200° for a few minutes.
There’s also an installation video on our website:
Need more help?
People often order the wrong size tires and have to return them. We will take them back and exchange them, but please keep in mind that there are shipping costs going both ways. If you are not sure of the size tire you need, please call us and let us help: 248-853-0215
Identify your Pedal Car
Knowing the brand and style of your Pedal Car is the key to finding the correct parts. If you’re not sure of what Pedal Car you have, check the “Identify my car” page or parts pages on our website. You can also send us pictures of your Pedal Car and we will identify it for you! Please send the pictures to:
If you would like to download and print the above guide in pamphlet form, click here.  Please set your printer up for 'printing two sided' and your print orientation to  'landscape'.