Customer Restorations



Here at, we do our very best to always make our customers happy. Often, after buying their parts from us, we get pictures from our customers that show us the before and after of their pedal car restoration. We decided to dedicate a page to just that, showing off our customers beautiful pedal cars. We would love to supply you with the parts you need and help you share your accomplishments as well. If you would like to have your handy work shown off, please send your pictures directly to, and we would be more than happy to put them on this page. 


 There's a lot of satisfaction in transforming a time-worn toy,
into a shining piece of art.



Steve's little Fixer Upper 
Our parts look great on this little car!

steve1.jpg steve2.jpg



Thomas Mitter's Murray Flat Face 
Restored by Snyder Motor Company Kingwood, WV


snyder.jpg  snyder2.jpg


"Roxie's First Car"
1950's Murray Champion
In House Restoration

kalvels.jpg  kalvels2.jpg



Ryan Oconnor's
1955 Murray Dipside Champion

murraydip2.jpg  murraydip4.jpg



Ed Mullis - B&C Seafood, Inc
1952 Sad Face Fire Truck
In House Restoration

before2.jpg after1.jpeg



Bob and Sandy's
                               1941 Murray Pursuit Plane                                   

  photo-2-.jpg photo-3-.jpg 2013-01-16-16-24-06-comanche-oklahoma-us.jpg 



Don's Restored
1958 Garton Wagon

2012-red-streak-wagon-restoration-001.jpg 2012-red-streak-wagon-restoration-002.jpg red-streak-2-project2-012.jpg



Cliff Lefter's
1941 Oldsmobile Fire Chief 

                  untitled.jpg car-3.jpg 



1933 Steelcraft Plymouth

                         plymouth1.jpg plymouth2.jpg



1959 Garton Kidillac 

                         kid1.jpg kid2.jpg



 Murray Dipside Taxi 

                          m-e-1-21-2012-007.jpg m-e-1-21-2012-006.jpg



1960`s AMF 508 Fire Truck 

                           dsc-1863.jpg 010.jpg



AMF 508 Firefighter 1967

pedal-car-4.jpg pedal-car-35.jpg pedal-car-43.jpg 



1970/71 AMF Generic Fire Fighter 

pc3.jpg pc9.jpg pc29.jpg



1971 Murray Tooth Grille Fire Truck

pedal-car-55.jpg pedal-car-47.jpg pedal-car-78.jpg



1941 Chrysler Steelcraft

                       2013-01-23-00.22.46.jpg 2013-01-23-00.22.23.jpg



1949 Murray Comet/Torpedo 

                       torpedo.jpg photoma28451330-0004.jpg



1956 Garton Hot Rod 

garton-car-001.jpg garton-car-002.jpg garton-car-004.jpg




                                                          Chris Ferrone's
                                                 Gearbox Champion Dipside

                 svfd3b.jpg svfd3.jpg




                                                                Chris Ferrone's
                                                             1948 Murray Pontiac 

1948pontiac3.jpg pontiac1.jpg pontiac9.jpg



Matt and Courtney's 
1956 Murray Straight Side

mattcourtney1.jpg mattcourtney4.jpeg mattcourtney3.jpeg



Mark Swihart's
Murray Flat Face

markswihart1.jpg markswihart2.jpg