Ford Trimotor Model Airplane With Stand

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Ford Trimotor Model Airplane
Dimensions: 26.25" x 39.75" x 7.75"
    Between 1926 and 1933 some 200 Tri-motors were built in Ford’s own factory. Corrugated metal on great thick monoplane wings was
a German development, used in Junker JU-52 planes that were flying the Berlin-Rome-London route. Trimotors were flown by airlines, oil companies and wealthy individuals. Some of these planes are still flying today.
  If you go to major airshows, you may get the chance to fly in one yourself, and really appreciate aviation history firsthand. I last rode in one at the Oshkosh airshow, and will never forget it.
   This model is made with a lightweight corrugated aluminum skin, just like the real plane. The attention to detail is remarkable. You can look into the cabin, and see the seats, and into the cockpit to see the details. The ailerons and elevators are hinged, and the external cables to the rudder and the elevator are there and are functional. It is a large model with a wingspan of 39 inches. 
 *This stunning model comes with an aluminum stand, so you can proudly display and admire it.
*Flat or corrugated metal sheet attached to a lightweight frame
*Functioning ailerons and tail rudder
*Check out the cabin through the portholes...Tons of detail!
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