Large 73 Inch WWI Vintage Style Wooden Airplane Propeller With French Finish

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Wooden Airplane Propeller with French Finish


Dimensions: 73.2" length x 6" width x 3.5'' deep


This propeller has a beautiful golden color. French finishing is a technique that results in a very high gloss surface, with a deep color.

The tapering ends elegantly swoop out in a proper aerodynamic shape.

Fun and fascinating home décor. Wood propellers used to be replaced as often as tires. Old ones were usually taken home, completed with a clock, and hung over the mantel.

Mechanics, pilots, and flight-crews wore propeller tiepins and badges and transformed propellers into memorabilia. A continuation of a flight-tradition… Solid wood replica of propellers used in the early days of flight. Hardware from the original propellers has been carefully reproduced in brass and antiqued.

Makes for fun decor and a wonderful conversation piece.

Mounting bracket is included.