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Moover Prairie Wagon

Nostalgia and history come alive at full gallop!

  • Fantastic building together system
  • Combines both historic & modern design
  • Offers long lasting play value

Nostalgia and history are alive and at full gallop with your Moover Prairie Wagon. This Prairie Wagon is one-of-a-kind, beautifully designed with historical influences and is put together simply with your bare hands, in less than five minutes. Building the Moover Prairie Wagon with your child also offers a magical time together: You’ll witness intelligent design quickly taking shape in your hands. When finished, you’ll have a strong and sturdy Prairie Wagon, all set up and ready to go! Your toy is designed for kids to play and pull along indoors and can be used outdoors in dry, summer weather.


Safe rounded corners on all pieces; safe wheels, finished with child-safe paint; constructed from quality linden plywood.


Strong linden plywood; POM fittings; steel axis; rubber tires


Natural wood, red wheels


43x 11 1/2 x 13 3/4” (7 1/2 lbs) Loading maximum 110Lbs

Age Group

+24 months

For your child’s safety

Moover Toys’ products comply with the mandatory product safety requirements of the EU member states as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland; North America; Australia/New Zealand and other APEC Countries. Moover Toys are tested by internationally accredited testing laboratories. These specifications are covered by:

  • ASTM F93 – 11 / CPSIA
  • EN71
  • SOR/2011
  • AS/NZS ISO 8124

Moover Toys’ products are reviewed and assessed at the designer stage and are further routinely tested at the shipment stage to safeguard the integrity of all Moover Toys’ products.