Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper Model Airplane with stand.

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Boeing 314 Dixie Clipper


Dimensions: 22.75" x 31.5" x 5.5"


The Boeing 314 Clipper was a long-range flying boat produced by the Boeing Airplane Company between 1938 and 1941. One of the largest aircraft of the time, it used the massive wing of Boeing’s earlier XB-15bomber prototype to achieve the range necessary for flights across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Twelve Clippers were built; nine were brought into service for Pan Am and later transferred to the U.S. military.[2] The remaining three were sold to British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) by Pan Am and delivered in early 1941. (BOAC's 3 Short S.26 transoceanic flying-boats had been requisitioned by the RAF).


Legendary! It seemed nearly impossible that it could even take off, skimming waves at increasing speed, revving up it's four engines. Inside staterooms, dining area, bunk beds.Boarding from a dock or using a ship's tender, it was the 1930s epitome of class. This was leisure travel and luxury at the same time, never to come back in that measure.


*Incredibly detailed engines and propellers.

*Silk fabric stretched over lightweight airplane frame