Junkers JU-52 "Iron Annie" Model Airplane

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Junkers JU52 "Iron Annie" Model Airplane
Dimensions  26.5" X 38.5" wingspan
The  Junkers Ju 52 is a low wing monoplane first made in Germany in 1930. One of its' most distinctive features is the use of corrugated aluminum skins on the fuselage and the wings, very similar to the Ford tri-motor. It was originally a single engine plane, but when it was found to be under-powered, the additional two engines were added. In a civilian role, it flew with over twelve air carriers including Swissair and Deutsche Luft Hansa as an airliner and freight hauler. In a military role, it flew with the Luftwaffe as a troop and cargo transport.
Production continued until 1952, and a total of more than 4800 were produced in various configurations.. Some are still flying today.
Now you can have your very own museum quality model. Our "Iron Annie" is a faithfully executed miniature that is exceptional in its' attention to detail, right down to the use of actual corrugated aluminum skins.
It is a large model with a wingspan of 38.5 inches. 
 *This stunning model comes with an aluminum stand, so you can proudly display and admire it.
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