Flying Circus Jenny Model Airplane

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Flying Circus Jenny Model Airplane, Medium
Dimensions: 20" Long x 13.5" Wingspan
This handmade wooden model shows a plane built for the military, but made famous in the public eye. Making their mark touring the small towns of the United States from the late 1920's up until World War II, groups of pilots would conduct dazzling aerial displays in Curtiss Jenny aircraft like this. Known as ''Flying Circuses,'' these pilots would walk on wings in flight and do stunning aerial acrobatics, as well as offer rides to brave and hardy customers. Shown here is a hand-made wood and canvas model of a fully decorated Curtiss Jenny, equipped with two pontoons. The frame underneath is hand-joined, and the outer canvas fabric is hand-painted. Other included details in the engine, cockpit, and wheels are equally as impressive.
Originally, Jenny airplanes were made as training aircraft for the military or for reconnaissance missions. Featuring engines of about 90 horsepower, they were slow aircraft and not really suited for combat. In the late 20s, many of these planes were sold, quite inexpensively, on the civilian market. They were often used to transport mail, but they became most famous in these early air shows and barnstorming. This model captures much of the realism found in the prototype, including painted details on the canvas fabric over the frame, wings and tail. ''Flying Circus'' is painted on both sides, and the wheels turn. You can own this incredible recreation of the famous barnstormer and enjoy its details any time by ordering today.
*Hand built
*Spoke wire wheels, detailed engine and laminated propeller
*Silk canvas stretched over a wood frame 
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